Hiring Consultants and Firms

Sometimes you need staff to do a particular job for the duration of the campaign. Campaign manager, communications director, field director, etc., are all ongoing jobs. But sometimes you need someone for a shorter term or project basis -- in that case, a consultant might be a better fit. 

Consultants are individuals or firms that work for multiple clients at one time and have a specific area of expertise, such as advertising or direct mail, or election law or campaign finance. 

If you are a consultant or firm interested in being added to our database, please contact us!

Some Areas of Expertise
These consultants put together a plan based on your individual district and race, which you and your team execute.
Social Media Management
Social media can be everything from creating your website and/or accounts, to creating content, to 24/7 monitoring and support.
Media Training
These consultants usually have a journalism background and work with the candidate on messaging and interview skills.
Advertising and Direct Mail
These firms do everything from tv commercial production to digital ads to direct mail production.
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