Hiring Paid Staff (Employees)

Campaigns are strange beasts. In a lot of ways, they are like companies. Small ones may have one person who does everything. Large ones have multiple paid staff, vendors and consultants. If your campaign is large enough to need all of these people, where do you find them?

In the past, campaign  employees have been recommended by word of mouth, and opportunities only exisit within small networks. Jobs are rarely advertised publicly, and new people have a hard time breaking in. This can be disadvantageous to the campaign and to potential staff. 

Today & Company was founded to give campaigns and job seekers a place to connect, giving campaigns a way to find the best people they don't know they don't know yet!

Can we help make a connection?
Are you interesting in hiring paid staff or consultants? Send us a description of the jobs you're looking to fill.
Job Seeker
Are you a seasoned campaign professional, or want to break into politics? Send us your resume!
How it Works
Hiring decisions are made solely between the campaigns and job applicants. We don't tell you who to hire or work for, we make the introduction and you take it from there.
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